Proud Husband Shares His Wife’s Story


Hello these are some pics of my beautiful wife April who just turned 40 April 13. These are from a contest she was in a month ago. We have 6 kids total and 3 grandkids. She is a full time RN and devotes her time to our kids, our community, church and a wife. She started at a BF of 27% the first of Dec of 2014 and week of contest she was at 12.5% BF. She did this with a strict diet, weights and cardio. She also only spends about 90 min in the gym 4 days a week… more

60 Days Until Summer Challenge!


Guess what! It is officially 60 days until summer! Have you stuck to your resolutions or any other fitness and health goals! Don’t fret it isn’t to late make a dent in your fitness plan. Join us in our 60 Days until Summer Challenge! To participate take a before picture of yourself (today) and vow to workout a MINIMUM of 4-5 times a week for at least 45 minutes. At the end of the 60 days take an after photo. The BWDWO lady with the best 60 day transformation will win a free BWDWO Bling Tee Shirt! If you have… more

UK Blogger – @misslalaworks


My IG account it @misslalaworks. Started on my weight loss journey about two years ago. I’m a presenter as well as a blogger. I run an award winning UK blog called The Lala Report, which posts on popular culture. I initially started logging my weight loss journey on my IG page for my blog,  but through wanting to properly dedicate and highlight my journey I set up a separate IG page specifically for logging my journey, connecting with other fitness enthusiast and using this IG page to keep me on track. My height is 5ft 11, my starting weight was 198lbs,… more

Tempest Mincey’s Story!


Two years ago I had a baby and I knew I didn’t want to drag alone the “baby fat” that came alone with giving birth, the moment I had my son I started on a health quest to get off the pounds I have now lost 82lbs and counting and I am still going. My motivation is living life! I wanna live! I don’t wanna be hindered to what I can wear.   IG @ SheAmbitious29     Kick off the spring and join us in our Fresh Juice Challenge – 

Eve Guzman- Half Her Size: Black Women Do Workout Feature


Hello, My Name is Eve Guzman.  I was featured in the January 2015 PEOPLE Magazine “Half Their Size Issue”.  I lost half my body weight, 141 pounds. My highest weight was 277 lbs. I had been overweight all my life. I toggled between a size 14 and 20 as a teenager . I was 20 and had a newborn daughter. I had gained 85 lbs during my pregnancy. I got to a size 24. I got tired of not being able to walk out of the fitting room with a pair of jeans. I became upset with myself and the way… more