Build Buffie’s Better Butt: And Stay “Curvalicious”

Ms. Buffie Carruth has not always had the voluptuous body she has come to love; she had a small frame weighing a mere 119 pounds before deciding to put on the extra weight she wanted to shape the body that she desired.   In our conversation with her,  she shares her tips with Black Women Do Workout for shaping and building a better  backside you can be proud of even with extra weight gain! As alternatives for a deep squat routine, Ms. Carruth uses workouts that includes hip extension, lunges, sit-ups, step-ups  and quadruped hip extensions. With measurements like …Chest:  37,  Waist: 31.5,  Hips: 46; Height:… more

Weekly Feature: Jontae’s Before and After Story…

Jontae Before and After

My mission is to lose the baby weight and to keep it off.  I am a 26 year old single parent with a beautiful and feisty two year old daughter. During my pregnancy I gained over 55 lbs. I have never been a petite person but before I was pregnant I weight 147 and the day I walked into the delivery room I was a whooping 205! I am still a little embarrassed to admit I gained that much weight. To add on to it, I was

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The rule of thumb thought is that a quickie workout anywhere from 20 to 45 minute cannot get you the muscle development you desire to help you burn more calories at rest. Not True! If you are someone that is mostly on the run, here are a few more benefits for a “Quickie Workout” that will keep your heart rate elevated and will take you no longer than 40 minutes or so to do them. If you’re forced into working out less because of an off balance Life/Work Balance, don’t worry, it can actually work to your advantage! Here’s a list of… more

Can You Get Tight ABS After 35 and C-Section?

Some of the most frequently asked questions on BWDW are regarding the ABS after a C-Section or or how to get rid of a “poochie” looking stomach.  Many women who give birth via C-section are caught off guard after delivery with their new abdominal “skin maze”—the dreaded pooch, scar tissue and in some cases lumpiness. But never fret or give up hope because there is an answer and the Abs Doc Egean Collins has the Solution for how to significantly improve that particularly stubborn area. After having your stomach area stretched from it normal configuration for  nine months, it will take some work on… more