I’m Keeping My Booty!

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One of our favorite Instagram features _fabnfit is simply “Curvalicious!”  If you are considering a weight loss routine but yet want to keep ALL your womanly curves, you need to Pump, pump, Pump it up!  While losing weight is important for your health you may not be ready to give up those head turning curves you absolutely love.   Cardio vascular exercises are great for the heart and fat loss, but without a iron pumping exercise routine to help you define your muscles you may end up with a saggy booty which may not be the results you were hoping for. Here… more

Fit Mom Inspiration

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  Meet Inspiring Single Mom and Fitness Model Nichola Smiles Original story from Mirror/Mirror Episodes http://livewellnetwork.com/Mirror-Mirror/episodes/Meet-Inspiring-Single-Mom-and-Fitness-Model-Nichola-Smiles/9515004?pid=9519119 Nichola Smiles  has really does have something to smile about! After she discovered she had become a  single mom at just 15, she didn’t want to become a statistic. See how this inspiring mom overcame it all to graduate from college and eventually take charge of her health and become a fitness model. Nichola Smiles is a mom to a teenage boy named Joshua. She’s also a bikini and fitness competitor, a group exercise instructor, and a personal trainer. She seems like most committed… more

Build A Butt!

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These exercises should be a part of everyone’s routine! They are easy to do, require no equipment, and can be done just about anywhere! More importantly, although squats are typically the premier workout for building the derriere,  they are also often regarded as both “leg and butt” exercises, that actually offer benefits throughout your entire body, including deep within your core…

Sarah Massey’s BWDW Encouragement Challenge!

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Sarah Massey who proudly told reporters she once broke a toilet  due to her 7 foot circumference behind is now looking for encouragement from her BWDW Sisters to get healthy and fit! She regrets the interview  for giving her a negative portrayal for feeling good about her weight and is now working with her trainer Sheila Simmons  who has helped her lose over 100 pounds! Sheila says that working with Sarah is a blessing because she is the sweetest and kindest person she has ever known. Sarah knows that feeling sexy can only get you so far but your health is… more

Abs-So-Tightly Right! 24 Day Challenge!

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More proof that you Absolutely can get Abs-So-Tightly Right! Just check out the results of our beautiful BWDW Sister Sheila Aziza who says…”the  Black Women Do Workout AbsSo-Tightly-Challenge worked for me. The last pic is the results I had from the last ab challenge so imagine what your abs would look like if you get started now with this challenge and add clean eating add plenty of water to it! It’s been almost 4years for me going from 191pounds to living a healthier lifestyle. I use to eat all the wrong things. no exercise, no vitamins, little water, no self love,… more