“He No Longer Needs Insulin!”

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This holiday some couples will celebrate with a gift exchange, maybe even something that sparkles. Although diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, there are other ways to get your favorite girl’s heart racing that can easily become her new best friend. The gift of sharing in exercising challenges is a gift of caring especially when someone is sick or suffering from the side affects of a debilitating disease like diabetes. The square root gift of kindness can easily be as simple as being cared for by caring about someone else. Planning an exercise regimen for you and your partner may not seem romantic, but you’d be surprised. Experts… more

My Mirror is My Scale

Staying Determined Despite Struggles

Shantel Sims has been heavy all of her life but finally got to the point when enough was enough. Using only the mirror to determine the progress of her weight loss until her upcoming Doctor’s appointment, she is determined to stay the course despite any challenges. “Just wanted to share this photo with you all. I have not weighed myself to know how much I have lost. My trainer advised me to let the mirror be my scale. The pic in the blue and white is from earlier this year. The red shirt is recent. I will know my weight next month… more

Weekly Feature: Jontae’s Before and After Story…

Jontae Before and After

My mission is to lose the baby weight and to keep it off.  I am a 26 year old single parent with a beautiful and feisty two year old daughter. During my pregnancy I gained over 55 lbs. I have never been a petite person but before I was pregnant I weight 147 and the day I walked into the delivery room I was a whooping 205! I am still a little embarrassed to admit I gained that much weight. To add on to it, I was