As I watched myself gain and gain over time, I begin to see myself withdraw from friends, stop shopping and stop going out with my children. I eventually became a hermit. I also began to have knee pain and back pain and realized that if I didn’t want to be crippled I had to motivate myself. I kept a picture on my refrigerater to remind myself everytime I wanted to quit.

I emptied my cupboard of any bread, rice, pasta and sweets (all empty carbs). I emptied my refrigerator of all soda, ice cream and anything that was not healthy. Then, I went shopping and bought lots of protein (fish, chicken, eggs etc.) and replaced rice with quinoa. I continued healthy meal prepping weekly.

I began by walking  5 days a week. I did half mile in the morning and half mile in the evening in the beginning. I slowly moved up to one mile in the morning and one mile in the evening.

My starting weight was a whooping 297 pounds. I now weigh 160 pounds and would love to loose a few more. My height is 5’5″. (No surgery)It took me 16 months to get to where I am today.  Weight loss is something that can not be forced on anyone. This is something you have to be mentally ready to do. If it is forced on you, you will relapse and regain the weight. Look at your life now and visualize where you want to see yourself. Take that vision and make it a reality. When things get hard and you want to quit, pull out those old pictures as a reminder. I also suggest that you change your diet and make it more interesting and find a weight lost group for support and accountability. It is possible and you can do it!


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